EDGE2019 Conference Programme

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Confirmed speakers so far:-

Melanie Huggins, Executive Director, Columbia SC.

Melanie has served on the Urban Library Council (ULC) Board of Directors and she is one of the smartest, most innovative library leaders in the United States. Melanie hosted a ‘field trip’ for ULC libraries on user-centered design earlier this year.  It was one of the best events that ULC has been associated with.  For the last five years, Melanie and her team have completely rebuilt and renovated their libraries.  They have done an amazing job – making every dollar count and creating new spaces that reflect the needs of their community.  The library spaces AND library staff now reflect the best of what can happen in a 21st century library.

Jesper Klein, Project Manager, National Library of Sweden.

Leading the pre-study before starting to build a national digital library service targeting the population of Sweden. The purpose of this is to increase the public’s access to digital reading -digital books, culture heritage and other digital information items. This much needed strategic effort is grounded in the proposed national library strategy for Sweden and is a great challenge with many possibilities for international standardisation, knowledge sharing and cooperation within and without the library space.

Ilona Kish, Director PL2020 & Trustee of Libraries Connected, Belguim.

Working with Google on a digital toolkit with 10 libraries across UK & Ireland. Will share the experience of the project. Ilona manages the Brussels team, their Advisory group and other strategic relationships within the Programme and is responsible for strategic guidance and management. The programme is run by the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation. Ilona previously served as Secretary General of Culture Action Europe, a European Umbrella association promoting arts and cultural associations across Europe.

Leo Appleton, Research Student, Edinbrugh

Leo Appleton is a PhD student within the Centre for Social Informatics. He is working on a doctoral study entitled ‘The value and impact of public libraries within the Information Society: their contribution to citizenship development’ under the supervision of Professor Hazel Hall, Professor Robert Raeside, and Professor Alistair Duff.

David Stoker, Departmental Director/Manager, Liverpool.

Liverpool’s transformation has not have been easy and there were many lessons learned. Delegates will learn from Liverpool’s experiences.  Not all of authorities will have access to funding, or have large spaces, or extra staff, however  there are events, projects, & innovations that Liverpool are doing that could be adapted to any library, on any scale.  David will pass on these library gems.

Martin Hamilton, Futurist at JISC.

Martin leads Jisc’s Future and Emerging Technologies team, generating and channelling new ideas, andbuilding partnerships to bring them to fruition. He is particularly interested in the societalimplications of ubiquitous robotics and artificial intelligence, and humanity’s emergence as a trueinterplanetary species.