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D-Tech International Ltd


Delivering the next generation of library technology, D-Tech International Ltd is one of the UK’s leading developers, manufacturers, and suppliers of cutting-edge public space information technology solutions.

Since launching in 2002, D-Tech has earned a reputation for delivering creative solutions via its ever-evolving range of forward-thinking products to meet the needs of rapidly changing consumer demands. This includes the design, manufacture and install of RFID, EM, RF and RFIQ security, self-service lending including next-generation in-library kiosks, media collection and vending kiosks, and smart device apps allowing patrons to deactivate RFID tags and borrow items using their own smartphone or device. Powerful RFID stock and inventory wands, library management software and staff processing workstations, laptop self-service laptop and device lending lockers and 99.5% accurate people counting and occupancy monitoring solutions.

With success first been built in the library sector, D-Tech has experienced a steady increase in cross-sector demand for its solutions for tracking, managing, protecting, and forecasting demand. Alongside ‘its existing library market’, D-Tech now operates in a wide variety of sectors, including every level of education from schools to universities, healthcare facilities, business premises, retail outlets, museums, galleries and other public spaces.

Throughout this growth in customer base, D-Tech has always strived to protect its reputation for providing exceptional customer service. Always focusing on the customer first, with an emphasis on direct contact and support, has been crucial to the company’s success over the past two decades.

D-Tech International Ltd Building 136 Bentwaters Parks Rendlesham Woodbridge Suffolk IP12 2TW     info@d-techinternational.com


Bolinda Bolinda Publishing

Bolinda is the world’s most entrepreneurial and innovative audio publisher. We created and made the audiobook category fun and we have the most visible audiobook brand in the world.  We are also the creators of BorrowBox.

 BorrowBox is the number one solution for eBooks and eAudiobooks, providing the best range of UK and International publishers directly to library users. Through the market-leading ordering portal, BorrowBox Connect, library buyers can browse carefully curated content collections from the world’s top publishers and view the most important new releases as well as bestselling backlist. It is the exclusive digital eBook and eAudiobook solution in Wales, Ireland and for major UK consortia such as AGMA and Libraries West.

 Our vision has always been to create a digital experience for libraries and library members that rivals consumer brands. To create a user experience that is world class – designed to be simple and made to inspire.

With BorrowBox, your library in one app, our vision is now a reality.


For over 50 years, Bibliotheca has been dedicated to the development of solutions that help sustain and grow libraries around the world, partnering with libraries to meet the needs of their communities. With direct operational offices in all the major continents, Bibliotheca is proud have over 30,000 unique libraries as part of its family.

Our solutions are designed to provide a welcoming, intuitive and seamless environment for those that use the library – wherever they choose to use it – be that at home, on the move or within the foundation of the library itself. We understand not only the unique management challenges that libraries face, but also what the future of library service will demand. ​

t: 0161 498 1140  e: info-uk@bibliotheca.com



Insight Media is a leading library technology partner in the UK for the provision of PC booking, print management, Wi-Fi printing and scanning, Wi-Fi authentication, and self-service kiosk software services.

Our products integrate with all the UK Library Management Systems as well the main RFID self-service kiosk providers, enabling us to provide a seamless experience for your library visitors.

We have extensive experience in the public sector and support customers to provide IT and self-service solutions. We are continuously monitoring customer and market demands and working to deliver new and improved solutions, offering customers a wider range of library services and operational efficiencies.

Our solutions are all provided with a comprehensive installation and training programme, together with first-class ongoing support services.

Contact us to find out more.  Tel: 0844 335 6350  Email: info@insight-media.co.uk  Website: www.insight-media.co.uk  Twitter: @_Insight_Media




DCA aims to help public libraries become more successful by growing usage, attracting new cardholders and protecting budgets and jobs.  We achieve this by offering compelling content, effective online learning for users and staff, and powerful marketing tools.  Established in 2010, DCA staff have over five decades of experience in the library and publishing sectors.  Our trusted partners offer resources that attract, engage and drive usage and visits to public libraries, with unmatched depth and diversity of content.

Training and tutorials: Niche Academy provides embedded tutorials and learning tools specifically for the library. Ready-to-use and self-built tutorials will help library users become more aware of all library services and will provide essential library staff training and continuous professional development.

FT.com: In 2022 we launched FT.com to public libraries, providing premium business and financial content from a vast reserve of journalism and data going back to 2005. Essential for the ambitious, the curious and the champion of better business made available for all.

Popular content: Medici TV brings streamed classical and jazz music videos to your users at a fraction of the consumer cost.

 Credo Reference, Access Video on Demand and Learning Cloud training are just a few of the powerful and dynamic online reference and learning tools provided by Infobase for both children and adults.

Library Marketing and SEO: DCA can get your library thousands of pounds worth of FREE online advertising from Google to help increase visibility of your library’s services, content, news and events.

2CQR – Now Lyngsoe Systems

2CQR have worked exclusively with librarians in the UK and Ireland for over two decades, consistently meeting the challenge to deliver solutions in self-service, intelligent displays, stock management, access and security. Originally founded on EM (Electro-Magnetic) systems, we are now leaders in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology.

Our specialist system planning and software expertise complements our reliable and dedicated products. All supported by our network of trusted consultants and engineers providing; service, maintenance and long-term support.

2CQR’s successful alliance with P.V.Supa and Nedap Library Systems has strengthen all three companies’ innovation and product development capabilities, bringing more benefits to 2CQR’s library customers with access to a wider range of products



Words from an exhibitor –
It is always a pleasure to attend the EDGE conferences. It is hard to put into words why EDGE is so different – it is a combination of the presenters/presentations, the group of delegates that you bring together and the atmosphere that is created. There is always an energy to the conference that I really don’t see anywhere else. In spite of challenging budgetary positions, the people attending EDGE seem to be bouncing and upbeat about libraries and their future which is so refreshing. We also made some great contacts with prospective customers.

Contact to Exhibit:- 0131 529 7791 or 07970 820 352 grainne.crawford@edinburgh.gov.uk