Our thank you to our exhibitors.

Without you on board EDGE could not excel…

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Bolinda Bolinda Publishing

Bolinda is the world’s most entrepreneurial and innovative audio publisher. We created and made the audiobook category fun and we have the most visible audiobook brand in the world.  We are also the creators of BorrowBox.

 BorrowBox is the number one solution for eBooks and eAudiobooks, providing the best range of UK and International publishers directly to library users. Through the market-leading ordering portal, BorrowBox Connect, library buyers can browse carefully curated content collections from the world’s top publishers and view the most important new releases as well as bestselling backlist. It is the exclusive digital eBook and eAudiobook solution in Wales, Ireland and for major UK consortia such as AGMA and Libraries West.

 Our vision has always been to create a digital experience for libraries and library members that rivals consumer brands. To create a user experience that is world class – designed to be simple and made to inspire.

With BorrowBox, your library in one app, our vision is now a reality.


Bibliotheca is dedicated to the development of library management solutions that help sustain and grow libraries around the world. Our products are designed to provide a welcoming, intuitive and seamless experience for those that use the library, wherever they happen to be – at home, on the move or within the walls of the library itself.  We’ve worked with libraries for almost 50 years and are proud of the many innovations we’ve brought to the industry in partnership with cutting-edge, technology-minded customers around the world. We have offices in all major continents and support libraries in more than 70 countries through our dedicated distributors. We partner with more than 30,000 unique libraries, helping them evolve their services and connect with their communities.

t: 0161 498 1140  e: info-uk@bibliotheca.com

Rakuten Overdrive overdrive.com

Insight Media

iCAM Systems from Insight Media

Insight Media Internet Limited (Insight Media) is the leading library technology partner in the UK for the provision of PC bookings, print management, wireless control and system hosting with unparalleled experience offering a range of innovative market-leading solutions to our customers.

We also provide internet based cloud printing in libraries or from anywhere, self-service kiosk solutions offering print management, relaese and payments including integration options on third party kiosks and a range of Peoples Network PC services.

For more information please contact info@insight-mefdia.co.uk     www.insight-media.co.uk


Words from an exhibitor –
It is always a pleasure to attend the EDGE conferences. It is hard to put into words why EDGE is so different – it is a combination of the presenters/presentations, the group of delegates that you bring together and the atmosphere that is created. There is always an energy to the conference that I really don’t see anywhere else. In spite of challenging budgetary positions, the people attending EDGE seem to be bouncing and upbeat about libraries and their future which is so refreshing. We also made some great contacts with prospective customers.

Contact to Exhibit:- 0131 529 7791 or 07970 820 352 grainne.crawford@edinburgh.gov.uk